Conversations with Actors

Congratulations on the Netflix auditions this week Amy, is that your second or third for Netflix ?

You’ve come a long way in the full time training and seeing you acting on ‘Neghbours’ last night was Awesome :man_raising_hand_tone1:

It feels surreal when for years you were on the bench dreaming of getting a go on the field and in the same week you have had two great acting things happen

Very nice week for an Actor to have especially to think where you were when we met as an Actor : Lost and confused ha ha

You said you didn’t like one line of footage in the first scenes we filmed and now you can audition 2 min plus in one or two takes with confidence, you have an agent that thinks you are going to book something massive and is happy to tell you that
You have built a library of scenes and because of that receive auditions and the reason you got a real Acting Agent that specialises in FIlm & TV

Getting rep felt like a good day in the office after all the hassles and hoops agents make actors jump thru. You had your fair share of drama and you handled it like a pro. The business side of Acting is where most actors fail

You nailed getting the agent by sending via a professional Acting profile
(Showreel’s actors should be sent from a profile that shows you without a second button click needed : NO LINKS Ok

Then Amy you booked a guest role on Neighbours. You have found your winning formula, business model and attitude for the real world of Film and TV Acting in the digital age. You are now in the game and kicking goals, must feel great ! Wooooop :thumbsup:

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